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Litz Wire
Litz Extrusion
Litz Wire Teflon
Litz Wire PVC
Litz Wire Silicone
  Litz Wire Unserved Litz Wire Served Litz wire with FEP Litz Wire with PVC Litz Wire with Silicone  
Litz Type 2
Litz Wire Nomex
Litz Wire Polymeade
Type 8
  Litz Wire with Mylar Litz Wire Aromatic Paper Litz Wire Polyimidie Film Litz Profiled Wire Anodized Aluminum  
Stainless Steel Wire Coil Bar
Resistance Wire
Rectangular Wire
Ultra Fine Stainless Steel Wire
Ultra Fine
  Stainless Steel Rope/Rod Resistance Wire Rectangular Wire Ultra Fine Stainless Steel Ultra Fine Magnet Wire  
  Special Alloy Wire Aluminum Wire Magnet Wire Litz Bonded Wire  
  Flat Magnet Wire Aluminum Wire Flat Magnet Wire      

ArrowLitz Wire

      High frequency Litz Magnet Wire, high temperature magnet wire, enameled copper (AWG 7-52 / 3.55mm - .20mm), served magnet wire, profiled Litz magnet wire. Litz Wire is applicable to power supplies, transformers, inductors, semi-conductors, relays, choke coils, filters, electromagnetics, cables and superconductor cables. Litz Wire has Type 1 thru Type 8 Litz Magnet Wire available.
ArrowUltra Fine Stainless Steel
ArrowStainless Steel Wire Rope
Sizes 38 AWG (.100mm) to 53 AWG (.0187mm), 304, 304L, 316 and 316L available. Stainless Steel Wire Cable/Rope Available. Precision and Small Wire Rope.
ArrowSpecial Alloys Alloys with Nickel, Carbon, Copper and Stainless Steel.
ArrowUltra Fine Magnet Wire AWG sizes 43-58 available. Half sizes, single or heavy builds, bondable, red, green, natural colors available and AGA low out-gas. Ultra fine magnet wire holds great properties. NEMA and IEC Compliant Wire.
ArrowAluminum Wire 99.7% electrolytic high condition, AW - 1370, 1.32 to 14.00mm/ 0.052" to .5512". AWG 36.5-7 magnet wire available, 0.13mm to 3.15mm. Polyurethane coatings, Nylon over coatings and bonds available.
ArrowFlat Magnet Wire Laminated foil conductors, available from 1-20 mil thickness (0.025-0.5mm). Standard Flat magnet Wire gauges available, cuffed conductor, bonded insulation.
ArrowRectangular Wire
Available sizes (in inches) .040 x .102 to .182 x .410.
ArrowResistance Wire Hsm Wire has a broad range of resistance alloys in stock – in round wire, strip, ribbon and rod. Custom coatings are available.
ArrowExtrusions PVC, FEP, Silicone, Polyethylene, and Polyester
Silver, gold, tin and copper.
ArrowMagnet Wire

Standard and specialty wires AWG sizes 12-56 magnet wire, temperature classes 155°C-240°C available. Triple and quad builds also available. Bondable. Available in colors. NEMA and IEC Compliant Wire.
see Film Build Chart (single through quad AWG 4 - 31)
see Film Build Chart (single through quad AWG 32 - 60)
Comparsion Chart IEC & NEMA

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